Discovering your website I  have been fascinated by the singular beauty of your creations with colorful and transparent angels. The silk scarves are my favorite pieces and I’m going to buy one for this Christmas! When and how did you realize you wanted to be a designer ?

I wanted to be a designer when I was a teenager, but I was not good at sewing and very impatient so I tried to make the clothes that were in my head, but they didnt turn out how I wanted them to.  I have been obsessed with clothes my whole life, I change my outfit three or four times a day and I often dress up and wear high heels just to cook the dinner!  I collect clothes and I have run out of space to keep them!   I gave up on my dream of designing clothes and became a writer instead for a long time until last summer when I started to paint angels and I had a sudden inspiration to turn them into silk scarves.  I am really amazed at how well they turned out and I am so grateful to the angels!

Your book “Angel in Disguise” summarizes your belief in angels and the importance of their role in guiding and improving our lives. Do you think that wearing a mask, a scarf  rather than a digitally printed t-shirt with an angel, could favor the connection with these creatures? 

I feel that if you love the angels and if you love the thing that they are represented on that is the most important thing.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe and the angels speak in the language of love!  I love the scarves so I wear them and I love the mask, although I am hopeful that we won’t need to wear them for too long!

While you are telling something important about angels also you are telling something great about yourself. What are your greatest strengths? 

My greatest strengths are probably my connection to the angels and to my soul,  a willingness to be open to exploring life, a passion for creative expression and for human connection and an ability to love and be loved unconditionally.  But we are always discovering more about ourselves and about life?

What is the item of clothing you are strongly focusing on and why?

Scarves are my thing!  I love them because you can wear them all year round and in so many different ways and Ireland gets cold in winter so I LOVE the new cashmere scarf!

Johnny Depp wears your black silk scarf that I love. We know that he is a great friend of yours and that he is going through a difficult period. Alpi Fashion Magazine regularly tells of his great movie roles. My editorial staff  and all the italian fans, we ask you to bring him a warm and virus free hug. Will you do it? 

Of course!

What are your future projects?

I am working on some more collaborations in cashmere, my friends at @frenckengberger make hand woven cashmere scarves in Italy and we have collaborated on a Metatron scarf in cashmere which is a limited edition, there are only 70 in the world, hand numbered Johnny Depp and my husband Shane have one each!  We are collaborating now on beanies and cardigans for A/W 2021

Dear Victoria, I am honored for this interview and I am sure that your extraordinary fashion products will continue to attract well-deserved attention

Valeria Gennaro

Caporedattore – Alpi Fashion Magazine

Qual è la tua reazione?

Non saprei
Valeria Gennaro
Giornalista, insegnante, fashionista e cultrice della materia in storia del cinema con la passione per la moda, i bijoux e la social communication. Laureata magistrale in Teoria e filosofia della comunicazione e laureanda in Scienze filosofiche. Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner. Collabora con "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno" ed è caporedattore del giornale "Alpi Fashion Magazine"

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